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900 Irving? Hey, that’s the address of the Carrier Dome! You don’t say!

Yep. I do say. Anyway, welcome to the new abode, but  what I’m doing isn’t anything new. I’m not in any fashion hoping to annihilate the Syracuse blogosphere in a maniacal effort to reinvent the wheel. I’m simply another Syracuse fan here to share some thoughts on the team we know and love, despite some light faults and the occasional Boeheim media crusade from the blue.

To give the both of you some insight (wait, there might be more than two of you reading?), I’m a passionate fan, but consider myself more statistical in my analysis. I’ll always be intrigued at things like how Dion Waiters can dominate the ball but still sport a low turnover rate, or how Scoop Jardine can be so bipolar in his execution that we’re constantly left chewing our fingernails down to their roots. However, while you’ll be able to come here for the regular game previews and recaps, I’ll definitely share takes on things going on far away from the Carrier Dome, such as recruiting analysis, coaching moves and the like. While statistical analysis is nice, following the numbers in a vacuum can be a dangerous recipe.

Above all else, I’m elated that you’ve decided to come here, and hope you stay as I make feeble attempts to inform and keep your attention!

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